Most Recruiters Don’t Prep Their Hiring Managers — But They Should

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Hiring managers are every bit as crucial to the recruitment process as recruiters. They know their teams inside and out, and they can use that knowledge to provide invaluable insights during the screening and interviewing portions of the process.

Unfortunately, recruiters are underutilizing this resource. According to a CareerBuilder study, only 40 percent of recruiters take time to prepare hiring managers for the hiring process. Among those recruiters who do prep hiring managers, only 40 percent focus on the candidate experience. All told, that means a scant 16 percent of hiring managers receive any training on the candidate experience from recruiters.

If hiring managers lack fundamental knowledge about recruitment best practices, you risk losing talented candidates. To attract top sales reps — really, to attract top candidates for any role — recruiters should spend a bit more time training hiring managers to be better partners in the recruiting process. Here are a few key lessons to cover:

1. Leveraging Personal Brands and Networks

The recruitment process starts long before a hiring manager is ready to fill a role. It begins within the hiring manager’s personal brand and network. Top sales reps want to work for managers who have proven records and meaningful influence in the industry. If they see a hiring manager like that, they’ll be ready to apply for a role at the company right away.

Hiring managers can build their reputations by connecting and engaging with sales reps on social media. They should at least share job openings on LinkedIn and Twitter, but the more a hiring manager posts, the more visibility they’ll have in the feeds of potential candidates.

Even when not actively hiring, a hiring manager should try to post once a week or more. Share industry news, pose questions for followers, or post behind-the-scenes team photos. This activity adds to the hiring manager’s authenticity and makes them a more attractive team leader.

If you’re working with hiring managers who are already social pros, encourage them to write their own content. The LinkedIn Publishing Platform is one good way to share long-form thoughts on the. . .

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