Reskilling to Help Women of Color

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While many women have earned positions of leadership in the American workforce, women of color continue to lag behind. The fact remains that despite national conversations about diversity in tech, women — more specifically, women of color — are still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against.

The C-suite is one such example. Women account for 21% of C-suite positions, while only 3% of that group are women of color. There is an extreme representation and pay equity gap but the good news is that the staffing industry is in a unique position to address it.

Let’s take The Mom Project. The company is and has always been about ensuring working mothers have access to opportunities to have meaningful careers and support their families. Our mission is to address this vast disparity faced by moms of color, who are incredibly talented and driven.

We found that what’s keeping them from their goals are personal and systemic barriers that require new, innovative approaches to overcome. And reskilling programs can help remove those barriers. Transformative career acceleration and. . .

Origin: The Staffing Stream

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