Using Artificial Intelligence the Right Way: How to Limit the Risks of AI-Driven Hiring

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we find and hire talent. From helping companies identify candidates who match super specific sets of criteria to reducing bias in the hiring process, AI can transform key aspects of recruiting for the better.

However, AI also has a dark side. If developed or used improperly, AI can actually increase discrimination, which could lead to reputational damage; legal action; and less diversity, productivity, and innovation.

This doesn’t mean companies are flying blind when it comes to the deployment of AI in hiring. For example, companies can use “glass box” algorithms which rely on data and processes that are intelligible and transparent (as opposed to “black box” algorithms which are too complex to understand).

Companies should also resist the urge to consider applicant information that isn’t relevant to the job at hand. The fact that you have access to data doesn’t mean you should always use it. Even if you’re impressed by a digital hiring solution, you shouldn’t deploy it unless you have full confidence in its ability to make selections accurately and impartially.

AI is a powerful tool in the hiring process, and it’s only going to become more user-friendly and accessible in the coming years. As long as recruiters and hiring managers remember to use AI responsibly, it will continue to. . .

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