The Future of Engineering Is Global: Unlocking a New Talent Opportunity

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CTOs across many types of organizations are rethinking how they hire staff now that remote work has proven to be effective. Apple, Zillow, and Google are among the many technology-driven companies that plan to be fully remote through 2021. People have gotten used to more flexible workdays, with Slack and Zoom reporting increased usage even during evenings and weekends, paving the way for teams in different time zones.

Research we conducted at Andela shows that 66 percent of engineering leaders plan to allow remote work to continue, even once the pandemic has ended. Remote work in itself is just the first stage in a seismic shift from local to global engineering. If teams are fully remote, then CTOs can recruit without the restraints of office locations. They can unlock a global talent opportunity and hire exactly the people they need, wherever those engineers may be.

A Buyer’s Market for Engineering Talent

A global workforce allows companies to access expertise that is often hard to find in local markets. For CTOs hiring in tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Austin, or New York City, talent shortages are a real issue, as are the eye-watering salaries. When CTOs can take a global approach, talent shortages become less of a concern — and the more competitive prices of the global talent market don’t hurt, either.

There are roughly 18 million trained engineers in the world. Adopting a global recruiting strategy allows hiring managers to operate with a buyer’s-market mentality. With more choices, employers can afford to be choosier, instituting more rigorous tests and stricter criteria for hire. In effect, hiring managers can expect to build better teams that are more productive and more cost-effective.

That said, global staffing requires a new approach to hiring and recruiting. Existing internal recruiting teams will need to create networks of recruiting professionals who are connected in various regions in order to access the best talent in those regions, all while competing against other companies tapping the global talent market. Engineering thought leader Joel Spolsky recommends creating a network to attract the best talent, or tapping into a good one that already exists. In a global economy, having ready access to a community of great developers. . .

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