Sustainable Jobs: What Opportunities are There for People Coming Out of the Armed Forces?

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The public is growing increasingly aware of the environmental crisis we are facing and the responsibility we have to control our future and slow down the progression of climate change. As a result of this, more people are looking for a career in a sustainable role. Finding a job like this, which is within the area you are interested in, is not easy. For workers before us, they would take whatever job they got without thinking about their ethical or personal opinions.

But what is the situation for people coming out of the armed forces in 2020? Maybe they want to go into higher education, or maybe they want to go and get a job. With more people choosing degrees based on sustainability and environmental welfare, we look to see if this has made more job opportunities for more sustainable jobs.
What opportunities are out there?
When researching jobs in sustainability, you will realise that there is more available then you may have thought. In fact, Indeed found 44 full-time jobs and 25 part-time jobs currently available in sustainability. Not only that, 74 permanent jobs roles were also found, leaving plenty of opportunities open to fill.

But what kind of jobs are there in sustainability? Depending on what career path you have your mind set on, finding the ideal job to match with this is no easy decision to make. Luckily, there are many different job roles for you to ponder between.
A possible job you could get could be sustainability consultancy. These consultants take responsibility over devising plans and strategies for companies to use to help improve how sustainable and environmentally efficient they are, augmenting the social responsibility businesses take over their everyday practices and operations, including their plastic recycling.
If you want to have a bigger impact on our climate, you could get a job as a climate change analyst. At a glance, their main job role involves researching and analysing developments that are being made to help tackle climate change. The ultimate objective of this job is to suggest policies and practices that should be legislated to help prevent climate change and create campaigns to promote these ideas to wider society.
Environmental specialists also have a responsibility to protect the climate but in a different way. Their main job role is to conduct research into the different types of pollutants or hazards that are negatively impacting our planet and develop strategies to help eliminate them.

Common jobs you may already know also protect the environment but indirectly. A career in graphic design for example. This involves designing and creating elements such as packaging, promotional materials, displays, or even logos. Although not immediately seeming like a sustainable job, graphic designers play a central role in creating innovative business materials and techniques that are environmentally friendly and sustainable to maintain without harming the environment.

As more of society get concerned about the impact they are having on the environment and the planet they are going to leave behind, businesses need to make more of an impact with their sustainability. With, the need for sustainable job roles to be fulfilled is becoming increasingly important.

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