Bridging the Cloud Skills Gap

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Massive changes like those brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic obviously create significant business challenges. But they can also offer new opportunities for those able to identify them and willing to adapt to the new possibilities.

One industry that has benefited in the wake of the pandemic as others have stumbled is cloud computing. “The massive shift to remote work skyrocketed demand for cloud-based consumer and business services,” writes Flemming Goldbach in an article for UK-based, HR News. “New research finds that a large majority of IT leaders have increased their use of cloud as a result of the pandemic.”

Increased Demand for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the provision of computing services over the Internet instead of hosted on one’s physical hardware. This could mean data are stored in the cloud or applications are run from the cloud. It’s an increasingly common paradigm in information technology given its numerous advantages, including security, cost savings, flexibility, disaster recovery, and others….

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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