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You will have seen them before. Whether it be a motivational quote or a specific company milestone, wall graphics are seen at offices all across the globe. And, while you may think they’re only there for aesthetic purposes, research has proved that having wall graphics could actually have a significant positive impact on employees.
This is something that has become vital for employees, especially in the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic. Plus, following Perkbox’s finding that 59% of employees don’t feel aligned with their organisations’ goals, the more business owners can do now, the better. As such, understanding exactly what it is a company’s trying to achieve is vital for workers both old and new, and can help engage members of staff who might not feel as motivated as they once were.
Immersing your staff in the company goals through wall graphics is one of the best ways to do exactly that – helping communicate what your company stands for in a simple yet effective way.  If you still need convincing though, that’s no problem. Join us as we run through four ways in which wall graphics have been shown to improve office environments in and around the country.


While wall graphics tend to work more effectively when they relate to your specific company, they don’t necessarily have to. If you’re particularly into artwork or interior design, wall graphics can quickly and easily bring the office to life, adding a splash of colour here and there or inspiring employees to work smarter, faster.
 One of the big wall graphics trends in recent years has been the rise of quotes around the office. Whether it be a motivational quote from a celebrity or simply a member of staff, these small changes can allow your staff to get to know the company’s values and work out for themselves whether their values match.
 Plus, aesthetically speaking, wall graphics can significantly brighten up the office, bringing life to a previously bland area. Ask yourself which you’d rather spend the day looking at; a plain, dull wall or a colourful wall with an inspiring custom-made bespoke piece of artwork on it. I know which I’d choose.  


Your company values represent who you are as a business. Therefore, by portraying these openly with your staff, this can substantially help them understand who it is they’re working for. Having wall graphics available can build up more of an emotional connection between your staff and the business, giving them a newfound sense of pride for the organisation they work for. This, in turn, can improve their overall level of productivity.
Plus, having a visual reminder of the company’s aims and goals can remind staff of the objectives they’re working to. This, again, can support them when it comes to completing their day-to-day tasks….

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