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Is LinkedIn still the best networking platform for senior professionals? Or is it more fine-tuned towards recruitment at a junior to medium level, rather than adding networking value for the highly experienced individual? Vanessa Rogers investigates.

Did you know that it’s really not feasible for us to attempt to relate to, or to nurture, as many as 150 connections? But a recent study of over 2 000 LinkedIn users has shown that most 35- to 44-year-olds have as many as 270 connections; and at least 62 percent of all LinkedIn users have over 150 connections.

Let’s rather streamline things, says Guild.co founder and CEO Ashley Friedlein, who believes human beings are simply unable to appreciate, or maintain, so many relationships – either in their professional or personal lives. “We’re realising that we need to focus on the relation

ships that actually matter, rather than chasing connections just for the sake of it,” she enthuses.

Other points to note from her Team Guild survey are that 45 percent of respondents find LinkedIn “cluttered, full of marketing content, sales and spam”, despite it otherwise being considered “a highly successful global business model”; and up to 59 percent of respondents see the LinkedIn of today as a place more suited to finding a job or hiring someone, rather than as the best professional networking solution.

Critically, at least 62 percent of respondents believe only 20 percent of their LinkedIn connections provide some value to their onward career trajectory. 

Senior professionals – such as CEOs, members of senior management, along with business founders and owners – tend, then, to be on the lookout for a more exclusive space in which to network with a smaller number of trusted, and equally senior or established, professionals. And this is particularly true for non-executive directors, who do not engage in the day-to-day management of an organisation, but are instead consulted on its policymaking and planning exercises when sitting in on board meetings. 

This is where an online networking initiative of BossJansen’s is making strides – entitled Boardroom International, this global executive networking platform has been created to cater towards the needs of C-Suite and non-executive directors….

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