Recruiter Realness: A Debate About Culture and Recruiting Happened at ERE Digital 2.0. Here’s What You Missed.

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ERE Digital 2.0 wrapped last week. It was just the thing I needed to lift me out of what felt like a perpetual state of melancholy, indifference, and frustration with my chosen career field. To say I’m still riding high on an I Love Recruiting wave would be an understatement.

It was, of course, a virtual event. With the exception of not being able to hug my friends and unpack the days at the bar, there were meaningful, impactful engagements and lasting connections made.

The event was chock-full of the industry’s best, brightest, and most influential professionals sharing information that is sure to elevate and move recruiting forward. Yes, it wore me out — but in that good way, like when I’m not feeling my best but still motivate myself to complete a workout. And yes, I’m slightly biased — but even if I wasn’t a panelist and the organizers weren’t a part of my professional community, I would still offer the endorsement and would dare you to dispute my opinion that it rocked!

In my last Recruiter Realness post, I gave a preview of the question that Mary Faulkner and I would be debating in our session, “Can Recruiting Fix Your Company’s Culture?” For those of you who weren’t at the event, Mary believes that organizations place too much emphasis on hiring as a way to fix culture and that the real power to do so rests with organizational leadership. I, on the other hand, think recruiters need more power when it comes to hiring. Some of the questions we debated included:…

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