Starbucks Interview Questions

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Why do you want to be a Starbucks barista?

Answer: I love coffee. I’ve enjoyed coffee for almost my entire life. And the art of it is something I appreciate. There are subtle differences in the way that coffee can be prepared. And this is what makes every single cup special.

What part of our core values do you resonate with?

Answer: Nurturing the human spirit. This is certainly what I felt when I first visited a store. It was the smell, the environment, the music, everything that came with the customer experience.

Why do you love coffee?

Answer: I start my day with a cup every morning. I appreciate the art of how every single cup can have an identity of its own. From the foam down to the amount of milk that’s put into the cup. I appreciate how it takes life, and that’s the reason why each cup can be cherished.

What does customer service mean to you?

Answer: Customer service is empathy and active-listening. When I think of dealing with customers, I want to listen to them, try to address their needs, and deliver an incredible experience. I want them to come back, remember me by name, and look for me. I want them to remember the quality of care I can provide to them…

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