The Billion Dollar Ballers and How Much They Pay Their Staff

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If we trawl back through the depths of history, we are able to lay our eyes on some pretty wealthy figures.

We aren’t talking mere millions here either. No, that would be considered pocket money to some of these folk.

Take Mansa Musa for example. King of the Mali empire, Musa lived between the years of 1280 and 1337. His wealth? Well, it can only be described as ‘indescribable’. Then we’ve got the likes of our modern-day monetary giants—the Scottish American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, and the American Business magnate, John D Rockefeller.

Now, however, we have dot-com billionaires—those living amongst, us who we see donning their suits for work every day, and who we can actually compare our wealth against. But can we? 

It recently became apparent that if you were to have saved $10,000 every single day since the pyramids were built back in 2540 B.C, you’d still only have amassed a fifth of Jeff Bezos’ net worth.

Quite outstanding isn’t it? Well, with this in mind, we thought we’d see just how rich the richest are, comparing their net worth against the employees who work for them.

1)     Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Owner of Amazon, saw his fortune grow considerably over lockdown. While other businesses sank or floated thanks to restrictions and lack of versatility, Amazon truly excelled.

In the three months building up to June 30th, Amazon employed a further 175,000 staff across its operations, as online sales grew by more than 50 per cent, and web services grew by 29 per cent.

This inherent growth added just a little extra to Bezos’ pension pot. But did you know that Amazon warehouse operatives are earning a mere £9.35 per hour? Now, to put that into perspective, Amazon was turning a profit of £8,300 per second in late April, equivalent to £29,880,000 per hour.

2)     Bill Gates

Featuring prominently as the world’s wealthiest individual over the past few decades, Bill Gates is no stranger to a dollar bill. In fact, he only recently got pipped to the post by Jeff Bezos, who has now vanished into the distance when it comes to net worth.

The CEO of Microsoft has an estimated net worth of £86 billion, but surprisingly, the lowest-paid member of his company is only operating at an hourly wage of £8.83, totalling £19,000 per year.

If Bill was to spend $1 million a day, it would take him approximately 245 years to spend his fortune…

Despite giving away a lot of his shrapnel to charity, Gates joins Bezos, not only in the plus-$100 billion club, but also in the club that pays their staff effective minimum wage.

3)     Bernard Arnault

The name LVMH mightn’t ring any bells but we’re fairly confident the companies within will. The world’s biggest luxury goods company, LVMH includes brand such as Hennessey, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Moet—and many more.

Mr Arnault’s estate is worth around £69 billion, making his family the third richest in the world after Bezos and Gates.

Does big wealth at the top, however, filter through to the bottom? The answer is no. According to reports, the lowest-paid member of staff in the LMVH team is earning an hourly rate of £8.65….

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