How to Get Clicks for Your Job Post

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Despite high unemployment, some employers are finding it more difficult than expected to hire new employees right now. As strange as this may sound, part of the issue is how easy it is to apply for jobs.

To explain, let’s start with an example. With the prevalence of not just job boards but also phone apps candidates use to apply for jobs, it’s become easier to apply for any given vacancy. In fact, it can sometimes be done in as little as one click.

This simplicity may mean more applicants, but it also means the applicants are less likely to read much about the job before deciding whether it’s interesting enough to click on. Employers have a few precious seconds to not only gain prospective applicants’ attention but also say enough about the job so applicants want to click.

Employers also don’t want to make the job so simplistic and broad that none of the applicants are qualified or interested once they learn more, further complicating this issue.

Here are a few tips to get past that first 2-second scan and get the right employees to click “apply”:

  • Ensure the headline says a lot about the job itself and the ideal candidate. For example, “customer service position” doesn’t say as much as “enthusiastic people with customer service experience wanted immediately.” The headline may be the only item the applicant even reads before making a snap judgment. Make it count.
  • The post itself should be descriptive in terms of the experience and skills needed. This allows those who gets far enough to read the whole thing to have a better understanding of whether they’re a good fit.
  • The job post should also say something about what it’s like to work for the organization. This can help those who read through to get an idea of what the organizational culture is like and see if they would fit in….

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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