Recruitment management: 4 ways that will lead you to become a recruitment ninja

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George is a senior recruiter in an IT firm, and he wants to become a recruitment ninja.  

His job is to design and implement recruitment strategies to get the best talent for his company.  

By looking at the highly competitive and candidate-driven job market, George  realized that to hire the best of the best talent, he also needs to be the best of the best in his field. As a result, he decided that conventional hiring process will not yield the expected outcome.  

Of course, to hire job-fit candidates, George will continue with the standard practices. However, there are several ways he can adapt to become a recruitment ninja for his organization.  

Let’s look at five of the most significant ways that can help George become a more successful recruiter. 

Be more creative while chasing the right fit candidates:  

As per the LinkedIn, 75% of the candidates you want to target are passive. They are not actively looking for job opportunities. So, in order to attract the right talent, George must gear up and come up with a new sourcing strategy. To do so, the best way is to know your target even before approaching them with job offers.  

Simply posting on job listing sites or job-boards, social media, and going through the responses will not help George find high-quality candidates. He needs to be more creative when it comes to attracting active as well as passive candidates. 

Connect with them on social media, share the recruitment related information to educate them about the hiring process, set up an online conference to carry out engagement activity, etc. 

Instead of convincing candidates to join, George can focus on piquing their interest. If the candidates are interested in the work culture, they are more likely to accept the offer. In order to get the maximum right, fit candidates, George needs to assure them that they will get better opportunities in the future. 

  1. Learning and development:

These days, companies give attention to the skills and creativity of its employees. To stay ahead in the competition, most of the employers are implementing L&D programs.  

In this candidate-driven job market, learning and development can play a major role in the recruitment process. While evaluating the job offers, candidates look at the kind of initiative organizations take to help their career grow. So, to design a successful recruitment strategy, George can include L&D programs to a source, attract, and retain quality talent…

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