4 Jobs That Can Help You Pay Your Way Through College

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When you are a student, coming up with extra funds is not always easy. One way to get around this problem is to look for work near the campus. You can save money by walking and having other students pick you up from work. Here are four excellent jobs for students to look for when they need cash for classes or essentials.


While this job is not always the best money maker, servers can often dictate what hours they work. Getting a shift in a busy restaurant may net a lot of extra cash on the weekends. Scheduling shifts around classes is easy with popular restaurants. Students wanting night hours can bartend or serve at nightclubs and bars near the college. Often, these are within walking distance of the campus.


Security guards typically work night shifts checking businesses and patrolling warehouses, factories, and shopping malls. Students can work these hours and then go to class the next morning. There are guards for many locations including banks where students can work daytime hours on days they are free from class.

Fast food

U.S. News tells college students how fast food can help students pay off college faster. Many of the major fast-food chains offer tuition reimbursement. Plus, the hours are flexible allowing you to work around your class schedule….

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