The Truth About Increasing Your Applicant Traffic by 95%

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Where are you looking for candidates, and which channels are bringing you the highest quality recruits?

This is the most common question for the hr professionals, especially at the time of a pandemic hit.

The recruitment landscape is evolving rapidly, which requires a change in market strategies. We have crossed that era where hr professionals have the luxury of cherry-picking from pools of active candidates. Now candidates choose to work with an organization when they are ready.

How can we get the perfect candidate in this modern recruitment world, who will provide a valuable strength to the organization?

Many organizations are using different recruitment channels to attract candidates. Here we have pulled together a definitive list of recruitment channels. This list will inspire your recruitment efforts in 2021.

How to increase your applicant traffic by 95%?

1.   Useful Online Job Boards:

Online job boards are the most significant recruiting channels of 2020. The websites like Monster, Indeed,, etc. are a great way to get more people exposed to your job listing. Job boards are an essential tool for boosting job ads’ visibility and one of the essential marketing strategies of 2021. As a common platform with advanced AI tools for hr professionals and candidates, there are many chances of getting the perfect candidate.

2.   Boost Pay-Per-Click or PPC Campaigns:

PPC is an incredible way to increase the visibility of your organization in search engines. This is an advertising model that allows us to place ads in search engine results with specific keywords. This campaign will enable you to select the keywords and phrases which will trigger the advertisement. If your bids are among the highest, then your ads will be displayed above organic rankings in search results for those keywords.

3.   Effective Use of Social Media:

Use the power of social media and post jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more to get the desired results. On these platforms, you can engage with the candidates and hire the perfect fit. Social media platforms help you in knowing about the candidates in detail. As most of the candidates stay active on these channels, reaching them on these platforms will undoubtedly generate better results.

4.   Employee Referrals:

This channel is one of the fastest and powerful ways to hire candidates. Employees generally refer to those applicants who they are sure would be a good fit for the organization. Employee referral is also easy to conceptualize, cost-effective, time-saving, and get the result-oriented program….

Source: Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

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