How Tech Can Make Us More Efficient Online in 2020

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It’s said that every cloud has a silver lining, and that even applies to something as horrendous and world-changing as the Covid-19 pandemic. As we slowly adapt (and employment ticks back up), we can at least take advantage of the move towards remote working that the lockdown phase necessitated — now we know that almost every company can work effectively away from its office, there’s no clear need to return.

As we get used to the new standard of remote working, we need to do everything we can to ensure that workers are optimally efficient. There are some areas in which traditional office life still holds the edge, after all. By making the most of the technology available to us, we can squeeze maximum performance from remote working. Here’s how this can work.

It can automate repetitive tasks. Data entry can be a major time-sink for companies that haven’t moved with the times when it comes to digital transformation, and it can be distinctly more awkward when the members of a team aren’t able to work from the same place. This is why it should be automated, along with any other key tasks that don’t really require manual effort.

Automation tool Zapier has a variety of great suggestions, so it’s definitely worth checking those out to get an idea of which tasks you should think about automating (and how you can do it). Reducing workloads through the smart use of machine learning and integrations is by far the biggest way in which technology can help us speed things along.

It can take care of core security. The security concerns of remote working are somewhat different. Gone is the need to keep people out of physical premises, so that’s an improvement, but it’s much more vital to prevent unauthorized access to digital systems. Tasking individual employees with safeguarding their own work isn’t the best idea when they’re not particularly familiar with best practices…

Source: The Staffing Stream

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