Helping Employees Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

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Addressing mental well-being has always proved a challenge for businesses, but it can feel particularly pointed after holidays. An American Psychological Association survey found that 38% of people said their stress level increased during the holidays due to factors such as lack of time and money and family gatherings. With 56% of respondents experiencing the highest amount of stress while at work, the workplace is not immune to the post-holiday blues, and the levels of employee support are expected to increase around this time of year

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Rewarding Employees After the Holidays
Rewarding employees, with a bonus for example, is a very welcome relief to help with the stress of the holidays, providing financial assistance at one of the most expensive times of the year. However, bonuses have always been about much more than just financial assistance. They’re about recognizing employees for their hard work and dedication over the year. While cash may sometimes be seen as a simple gesture, it’s a great way of showing employees they are valued and an integral part of the business, and it can play a big part in retaining staff into the new year.

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However, companies need to be wary of rewarding employees with just a once-a-year payment. Bonuses should be part of a well-rounded employee rewards scheme, rather than being the only reward. A good employee rewards program will help keep employees motivated and incentivized day in, day out and should include both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits.


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