Productivity at Work: 6 Tips That Increase Your Efficiency

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Productivity Definition seems to be a hot topic while people are still adjusting to the changes in work and lifestyle due to the new work-at-home culture and paradigm shifts.

To begin, it’s important to look up Productivity Definition before discussing it here. defines productivity as follows:

Define Productivity

1. The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services:
The productivity of the group’s effort surprised everyone.
2. Economics. The rate at which goods and services having exchange value are brought forth or produced: 
Productivity increased dramatically last year.
3, Grammar. The ability to form new words using established patterns and discrete linguistic elements, as the derivational affixes -ness and -ity.

​Parallel meanings are offered by as productivity synonyms. They are as follows:

Productivity Synonym

​ offers the following under Productivity Synonym:

Productivity Economics Definition

The more I read the second productivity definition from (The “rate” at which goods and service exchange value….), I know that for the most part they mean the rate of time: The “rate of time” at which…. Of course, that’s for the productivity economics definition.

Managers are also trying to maintain their teams’ productivity remotely while searching for new apps and tools to use for remote productivity measurement. ​​Time is incredibly important, and unfortunately, it is impossible to magically add more minutes to the day. 

If you find yourself getting distracted throughout the workday, you’re likely to waste those precious minutes.

On the other hand, when you become more productive, not only will you shine at work, but you’ll also have more time for the things you enjoy doing!

How To Be More Productive

The key to be more productive is to start with Time Management. Start by building time management skills. It’s the most important thing you can do. Next, supercharge your To-Do Lists and split your time into manageable chunks using the Pomodoro system. Learn about project management tools, use time tracking software, and of course, build healthy habits. A little easier said than done! 

Labor Productivity Formula offers a great explanation of the importance of measuring labor productivity and using labor productivity formula. Basically, once must figure out the results or the total output. Next, divide the total output by the total number of labor hours.So, what can you do to be more productive?

  1. Plan your workday. Before you get started working, or even the night before, set your priorities so that you’ll know what the most important tasks are. Make a to-do list with the most important tasks at the top.
  2. Follow your plan. Tackle the tasks on your to-do list in order. Complete the most important tasks early in the day! When you know that you’ve done the most important ones, the rest of the day is easier…

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