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Nothing frustrates employees more than when companies mess up their paycheck. Today’s reader note is a perfect example.

Last year, my employer overpaid my travel expenses and I notified the accounting department. They said they would take it from my next salary paycheck, which they did.

Since then, I’ve left the company. Now, I get a letter from the company stating that they overpaid my expenses last year and I owe them the money. As far as I knew, the situation was all clear. In checking my bank statements, I realize that they paid me three times, and only deducted one time.

Do I still owe them this money? There was no mention of it at the time of my resignation or leaving the company. It’s been months since the incident happened and months since I worked for them. I appreciate your advice.

Here’s my two cents. I’ve always tried to be the kind of person that when I know I owe money; I try to pay it. And if I can’t pay it all at once, I try to work out a plan to repay it. We don’t know all the details here so there could be some details that we might not be privy to that would change the situation. We’ve written about similar situations on HR Bartender before that might be helpful.

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