What Is Zoom Fatigue?

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Have you heard the term “Zoom fatigue”? Even if you haven’t, there’s still a good chance you’ve experienced it lately. Zoom fatigue refers to the phenomenon of feeling inordinately exhausted and/or overwhelmed or stressed out after attending meetings via videoconference.

While it’s coined from the popular videoconferencing app Zoom, it obviously applies to any similar videoconferencing app used frequently.

Zoom fatigue is caused by a lot of different factors put together, such as:

  • The inadvertent pressure to be “on” and to present ourselves in the best light (literally and figuratively) during meetings.
  • The fact that eye contact isn’t actual eye contact on video and we lose that component of communication. We cannot appear to have eye contact with others without looking directly into the camera, but doing that means we’re no longer looking at the screen to see the person we’re speaking with.
  • Using video chat requires extreme focus. We’re watching multiple people at once. We’re processing not just what is being said but also the context, tone, and expressions of everyone involved.
  • Not everyone has video on, which also presents challenges because you’re gauging them based solely on their voice.
  • We often overcompensate for not being in person. We are more aware of our facial expressions and of showing that we’re paying attention. We’re ensuring we’re doing things to show our reactions more overtly than we normally would. All of this takes effort and energy…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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