These Are Some of America’s Fastest-Growing Jobs in Medical & Science

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It’s been a challenging time for the medical and science fields. Covid-19 has dominated headlines, and clinical and non-clinical professionals have gone from essential to absolutely indispensable. While it’s easy to think this translates to significant job growth, it has actually resulted in a mixed bag of growth, stagnation, and even decline, depending on the position.

Per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare lost a record 1.4 million jobs in April but responded with over 300,000 new jobs in May and over 350,000 in June. This sharp rise and fall—or should we say fall and rise—is due to myriad factors, including Covid-19’s own peaks and valleys, people’s reluctance (then willingness) to see medical professionals, and elective procedures being entirely off limits.

Regardless of recent historical data and continued apprehension over the pandemic, there are several medical and science roles that are in high demand — and will be for the foreseeable future. Adecco Medical & Science has identified the following positions, which are poised to grow anywhere from 5% to more than 20% over the next year plus.

Contact Tracers. Prior to Covid-19, much of the general public was unaware this job existed. But now, in an effort by state governments to contain the virus, hundreds of thousands of contact tracers are needed as soon as possible. They’re vital to identifying anyone who has come in contact with an affected individual and encouraging all parties to quarantine.

Health screeners and temperature takers. Businesses across the nation are hiring health screeners and temperature takers to align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations and monitor their employees’ health—managing who can and cannot enter workplaces based on temperatures and symptoms. Whenever a major virus is present, these roles will be a priority…

Source: The Staffing Stream

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