7 AI Transformation Channels in Recruitment

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Once Rabindranath Tagore said, “Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” The darkness here is all over the world with the pandemic COVID-19, while the bird of human freedom has caged itself under the lockdown and is unable to fly. With the ray of hope, humans will soon pick up the scattered pieces and restart their lives at the same pace.In the past few years, the technology that had till now been strolling will now start sprinting. Due to COVID-19, you can easily see the accelerated adoption of artificial intelligence technology in different modes.

Let’s explore how technology facilitates the shift towards virtual hiring, introducing AI tools for screening, etc. in the hiring process.

1. AI for Virtual Reality: This concept of virtual reality is gaining popularity after the pandemic. It helps in providing real-time experience to candidates about the company culture and environment in which the candidates have to work. This method is quite helpful for applicants to decide if they want to join the organization.

2. AI for Matching Candidates: There are ‘n’ number of software available in the market which provide relevant matching results against a resume or job description. By using a Search and Match Engine get the power to search and match candidates and jobs with great flexibility. This will save the time of HR professionals and speed up the candidates’ selection process.

3. AI for Better Decision Making: The role of HR is essential when it comes to acquiring new talent. In today’s digital world, HR professionals can use many new and innovative ways to find potential job applicants. The use of AI in this acquisition will make the process fast. The tool like resume parser is the best way to extract candidate information that saves the information in their data fields such as education, skills, experience, etc. Thus, it will help in shortlisting the relevant candidates and increase the quality of the hiring decision.

4. AI for Upskilling of Employees: AI for Upskilling of Employees: To attract the top talent in today’s market, an HR professional must be proficient in using digital tools. Transforming recruitment does not only mean using technology to hire applicants. But it also means that every team member needs to enhance their skill sets so that organizations can benefit from the transformation. With advanced technology, HR professionals can enroll themselves in e-learning platforms like Udemy where they can attend a smart class. These are an excellent source for employees to learn and acquire new skillsets…

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