Organizations: Stay True to Your Values

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It’s very difficult for organizations to balance all of the things they have to do. They need to make money so they can hire employees and offer benefits. They have to make products and provide services that their customers will love. And they have to remain true to their values. It’s a sign of credibility.

Over the past few weeks, many organizations have made declarations that they are opposed to systemic racism. But there have been numerous articles pointing out that sometimes what companies say and what they do might not always align.

This is much too important a topic to let it drop on our priority list. Organizations should regularly review their values and ask themselves, “Are we still staying true to our word?” And it starts with the CEO.

Carmen Miller is the CEO of McKinley Insurance Services, a full-service agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Carmen for over a decade. We first met as volunteers at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference in Orlando. And we spent several years working together on the board for HR Florida, the SHRM state affiliate. I asked Carmen if she would talk about her experiences as a CEO and thankfully, she said “yes”.

Carmen, thanks for being here. What does Black Lives Matter (BLM) mean to you?

[Miller] To me, BLM means that ‘people of color’ and not just Black people, in this country are fed up with repeated injustices that are consciously and continually committed, with no valid repercussions. It is a stand to acknowledge there is a problem and then work toward a solution.

I’ve read a few articles recently that one of the ways white people can show allyship is by supporting Black-owned businesses. As a small business owner, I definitely want to support others and their values. But I’ll be honest, I’m concerned that if I’m vocal about my support that it will be misinterpreted as opportunistic or disingenuous. Are there some tips for showing this type

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