Getting a foot in the door in the catering industry

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Statistics show that one third of people who work in the catering industry do it because they’re passionate about food. But, what makes this industry an attractive one to work in and what is recruitment currently like in the sector?

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Catering – an attractive sector to work in?

For many, catering is an ideal sector to find a job in. It can bring flexible working hours, job security and an attractive salary.

The catering industry is one that’s constantly thriving, despite any political or economic turmoil. In fact, 61% of catering professionals found no change in footfall since Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

IBISWorld, specialists in business information and market research, found that the catering market experiences an annual growth of 1% between 2013 and 2018, and currently has a workforce of over 28,000. According to the British Hospitality Association (BHA), the market was predicted to continue growing at an annual rate of 1.9% until 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused issues for the sector, although thankfully establishments have been reopening. The reports determined that the sector was labour-intensive rather than capital-intensive, meaning it relies on its staff to operate effectively.

In spite of the fact that some shifts involve working long hours, the flexibility of shifts can be beneficial for some people. For example, shifts can often be swapped to meet personal errands and people can often choose between day and evening shifts. Max Moran, a freelance chef from Derby, said: “I enjoy my flexible career as a freelance chef, the money is good and the ability to pick where and when you work really suits my…

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