10 ways to reward your remote workforce

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Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts – whether it’s a very public kudos or a hand-written note discreetly mailed to their home. In fact, employee recognition is considered one of the top ways to motivate people to do their best work and increase productivity.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management ,79 percent of employees say recognition makes them work harder and 78 percent say recognition makes them more productive and better equipped to handle change.

In today’s business world where more and more companies are shifting to a remote workforce and spending less time interacting face-to-face, finding new ways to reward your employees is more important than ever.

Here are 10 ideas to reward your remote employees and help them stay motivated to do their best work yet.

1.  Be flexible

One of the best ways leaders can reward their employees is by granting them autonomy and showing grace when they don’t follow your way of doing things.

A lot of decisions are being made by a lot of people. Not everyone is going to agree with every decision.

Robert Cagle, Customer Relationship Manager, Houston, Texas

2. Know your employees

Offer a varied work schedule or allowing for non-traditional hours as business allows can be a great perk. But remember that a gift is something someone wants to get, not one that someone wants to give. 

For example, If I’m an early bird – my manager telling me I could sleep late, start the day at noon, stop for dinner and finish up at 10 p.m. would be a nightmare for me, though others might ride the joy of that for days. 

Truly knowing your employees and what would be a reward to them is one of the greatest gifts a manager can give.

Cathy Kolcun, Customer Relationship Manager, New York, New York

3.  Offer learning opportunities

One way to reward your employees is to provide them with classes they can access for free or at a reduced cost.

By giving them an opportunity to take part in a wide variety of options such as exercise, cooking and meditation in addition to professional development courses you can support their mental and physical wellbeing.

You can also check out professional development classes offered in your local area and sign your team up. This supports both your employees and your community.

4. Give timely gifts

  • Supply remote employees with a stay-safe kit that includes a cloth mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc. These items could be branded with your company logo.
  • Put together some virtual team building events such as playing Pictionary, participating in a scavenger hunt or in a game of charades.
  • Give out movie gift cards so employees can choose movie options online from the comfort of their home.

Roger Carbajal, Human Resources Specialist, Irving, Texas

5.  Don’t forget the company swag

Everybody likes a great polo shirt with the company logo…

Source: Insperity

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