3 Staffing Processes You Must Automate Today

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Effective leaders are always looking for ways to make their businesses leaner and more efficient, by improving productivity and profitability.  The main way to achieve this objective is through increased automation.  We have talked about Recruiting Automation in a few of our blogs and how it can revolutionize the staffing industry. While typically automation focuses on the recruitment lifecycle (from sendout to placement), in this blog, we are going to highlight some of the less obvious staffing processes where efficiency gains can be made relatively easily.


Automating candidate screening can help reduce costs as well as save time. As a staffing firm, you would typically have thousands of resumes at any time and it is practically impossible to efficiently keep those candidates engaged without automation. End-to-end automation of the screening process will require:

  • Auto-matching capabilities to find the most suitable candidates from a pool of resumes against a job based on configurable parameters.
  • Automated messaging to be sent out to all the candidates selected by the Auto-matching process along with initial screening questions relevant to the role.
  • Automatic score calculation based on responses to the initial screening questions 

All of this can work reliably with minimal human intervention if workflows are configured properly, and can save many hours a week for a typical consultant while delivering them the most suitable candidates for their open roles.


If you are onboarding manually right now, you will recognize the cost and delay it can cause.  Getting a candidate from inbound resume to ready to work can take hours, or even days, depending on the industry / sector you recruit for.

With automated onboarding, you can collect data about your new hires efficiently and store all information collected while onboarding securely….

Source: Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

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