Out-of-the-Ordinary: Mitigating Review Process Interruptions

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Modern business organizations are complex, with numerous employees involved in any given effort. The work put into a final product can come from many different team members and may require the review of many others before being finalized, approved, or disseminated internally or externally. Often, companies will put in place standard processes to route work product for approval.

The Impact of the Unexplained

These standard routines can run pretty smoothly until something out of the ordinary comes up and the normally efficient process grinds to a halt, with deadlines put in jeopardy.

For example, a sales department might routinely route pricing documents that contain both an upfront fee and maintenance costs, which are expected at each level of the process.

If, for one customer, a sales rep routes a pricing document that—for a perfectly good reason—does not include maintenance costs and that document has to go through four layers of approval, the staff responsible for approving at each layer might have the exact same reaction with the same result: surprise and confusion, followed by delayed or no approval.

Each person in the chain might follow up with the sales rep to get clarification. Or worse, they might put it to the side until they find adequate time in their busy schedules to dig into the abnormality.

The problem in this hypothetical situation is that the sales rep has not communicated the perfectly good reason for the out-of-the-ordinary pricing term. He or she should have assumed it would raise questions. And, if one person has a question, others likely will, as well.

How to Mitigate Process Interruptions

Here are a couple of simple strategies to mitigate interruptions…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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