6 Tips for Navigating a Merger or Acquisition

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Mergers and acquisitions are a common reality for many industries, particularly the tech sector. Every year, billions of dollars change hands as a result of corporate consolidation.

In 2019 alone, there were 3,590 technology industry acquisitions and mergers. With new technologies constantly being developed and introduced to the market as well as pressure from customers to provide more complete solutions, many deals offer the opportunity for organizations to gain new capabilities, expand service offerings, or acquire greater access to new or existing markets.

With all these possibilities, it’s important to have a talented team to support all the new developments. Talent loss is common during any merger or acquisition, therefore retaining talent while also attracting new talent is crucial. Utilizing a talent acquisition strategy can allow organizations to proactively reach candidates that are right for the new company, rather than continue to hire with an old mindset.

While the tech industry M&As reshape the landscape and appear to offer a fast track to take a company to the next level, they can be challenging and overwhelming for employees of those organizations. Fears of instability, chaos, and confusion can be common. However, being a part of a larger team offers a number of benefits including providing new opportunities to advance your career, broaden your perspective and make a bigger impact for customers.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to navigate a merger or acquisition, don’t lose hope. Keep reading for a few tips on how to thrive in your new role and embrace the chaos that comes with it.

1. Embrace your new responsibilities

When transitioning to a larger team, it can seem like you are losing some of your job responsibilities. While you may be tackling fewer things, having a larger team can allow you to focus and do those things really well. If your new role and responsibilities aren’t clearly defined, make sure to reach out to leadership for clarity and find ways to contribute to your team’s success. Identify areas where you want to grow both personally and professionally. Having a more narrow range of responsibilities can be an opportunity to focus on the aspects of your job that you most enjoy.

2. Figure out what success looks like in your new role.

One of the biggest challenges of an M&A is the uncertainty of how your impact on the company will be measured. Make it a priority to talk to leadership about what success looks like given the changes. Knowing the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your new role will be critical in helping you exceed the standards set forth….

Source: Undercover Recruiter

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