Hiring May Be an Urgent Priority, But You Can’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Background Checks

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If you are hiring right now, you are likely doing so with some urgency. Many hospitals, online retailers, gig economy companies, and staffing firms are hiring at accelerated rates to keep up with current demands. Even organizations that don’t have imminent hiring needs are planning to staff up rapidly as states begin to reopen.

Hiring is likely to move quickly as the lockdowns lift, and employers are now evaluating their screening processes to ensure they can properly vet candidates without creating bottlenecks in hiring. Some companies have even gone as far as allowing new workers to start before background checks are fully processed.

Even under these exigent circumstances, companies should not have to sacrifice safety and thorough background checks for the sake of a speedy hiring process. You can — and should — have both.

If your need to hire is urgent, then so is your need to to make the right hire. While this is especially critical when filling jobs that deal directly with the general public and vulnerable populations, it applies across virtually every role, industry, and profession. As we emerge from this crisis, HR leaders must strive to build hiring processes that reinforce, rather than undermine, cultures of trust and safety.

Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

When you interview a candidate, how do you know they are who they say they are? This question is even more pertinent today, when so many people are working remotely and so many hiring processes are carried out fully virtually. Furthermore, common identity-related hiring issues — such as information provided by a candidate during the screening process not matching I-9 form information — can be exacerbated by remote hiring processes.

To address these challenges, HR professionals should consider adopting identity verification as a necessary step in the recruiting process. When assessing your identity verification capabilities, pay special attention to a few critical factors: the speed and convenience of the process, mobile optimization, and artificial intelligence backed by human review are especially important in reducing fraud, deterring bad actors, accelerating time to hire, and improving the candidate experience.

Due to court closures, some companies have been unable to execute the most basic criminal checks. However, there are ways to get around this obstacle: Effective screening providers can provide access to court information and the capabilities to process that information in a thorough and compliant manner…

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