The Importance of Making Bold Decisions & Being a Courageous Leader

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The Importance of Making Bold Decisions & Being a Courageous Leader. I have written about courageous leadership before and why I think it is one of the most underrated leadership traits. During this unprecedented time with Covid-19, leaders have been forced to make bold decisions whether they have liked it or not. Because of this, it is an opportune time for leaders to take stock of their ability and willingness to increasingly make bolder decisions as part of their ongoing leadership path.

You may be wondering about the risks associated with making bold decisions, and, on the other hand, thinking about what the upside might be. It is important to be bold because:

  • It keeps organizations moving forward.
  • It fosters a more creative environment, allows for new ideas & new energy.
  • When leaders bring other people into the bold decision-making process, new voices get heard!
  • Not all bold decisions work and this allows leaders to become more comfortable with failure which in turn helps them to accept other team members’ missteps.
  • Making bold decisions creates change and forces adaptation – becoming more adaptable is another key leadership trait needed in uncertain times – one feeds the other.
  • And lastly – occasionally, a breakthrough occurs that creates a paradigm shift which puts the organization on another course entirely for the better…

Source: The Staffing Stream

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