Interview Scheduling Email: Top 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid for the Best Candidate Experiences

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At the stage of interview scheduling, you are close to one of the most important steps during the hiring procedure. However, your interview scheduling email is always the first impression on candidates, so neglecting meticulousness when scheduling interviews via emails never sounds like a great idea. Inevitably, mistakes will easily slip in at some point and mess up the whole effort you have put into your work as recruiters. In this blog, Rakuna will share with you the top common mistakes that you can steer clear of them and leverage your interview process.

Why is an Interview Scheduling Email Important in a Hiring Process?

In general, an interview scheduling email serves to provide candidates with relevant information so that they can be well-prepared for the interview process. It is a helpful tool for recruiters as well to improve candidate experience as a sign of respecting boundaries and avoiding bothering candidates with untimely interruptions. When writing an interview scheduling email, you can also support candidates by sparing them some time to deal with their business in general and their current jobs in particular. All in all, you are able to keep everyone on the same page with formal writing communication.

What Should be Included in an Interview Scheduling Email?

A standard interview scheduling email normally includes the following points:

  • The title position
  • The name of your company
  • Interview format: in-person, on phone calls or through video – conference, and individual or group interview
  • Options of time periods and days to choose or a certain time and date
  • Location of the interview site: address, building, floor and room number; and even a map to guide them towards the right place
  • The name and position of interviewers
  • Items candidates need to bring
  • The approximate duration of the interview
  • Other notes/ guidelines You can make your preferred adjustments until you see fit. Check out the Interview Invitation Email compiled by Rakuna here.

3. What Mistakes May You Make When Writing an Interview Scheduling Email and How to Avoid Them?

Lack of Opening:

Jumping straight into the topic will catch applicants off guard as to where this email is heading towards and divert them from the important information. Sensibly, you can get started by appreciating their efforts to apply for the job opening in your company. Then, you inform them of the interview stage by either stating that you have reviewed their materials you ran into or congratulating them on passing previous application rounds and would like to invite them to a meeting. One example would be “Congratulations on passing “The previous round name!” We would like to invite you to an interview with us!”

Subject Line Mistakes:

  • No subject lines: The absence of a subject line outright asks applicants to “ignore this email”. They will deem your invitation to the interview as trivial and move past it.
  • Vague phrases: An email with a subject line full of ambiguity will confuse job seekers and distract them from the main topics.
  • Excess of punctuation: Your email will most likely get filtered as spam contents if there are too many marks and symbols in its subject line. In lieu, write a direct subject line to expressly mention that this email is an interview invitation to capture their attentions and prevent it from being inadvertently missed and increase open rate. For example, “Invitation to Interview at “Your company’s name” will suffice.

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