How to Use Video to Overcome Remote Work Productivity Gaps

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Hybrid work is here to stay. Apply these best practices with teams of any size for greater success.

White-collar workers have all recently been guinea pigs in a grand work experiment—and now, the results are in. By rapidly adapting to pandemic restrictions,  organizations have learned that remote work is a viable alternative to full-time office life.

Remote work is clearly not perfect. Most employees neither expect nor want to work exclusively from home, but surveys also reveal that more than 80% of workers still want to work from home at least occasionally. For organizations, the potential for cost savings is hard to ignore.

Getting the most from hybrid work

Hybrid work relies on a fundamental premise: Teams can collaborate effectively at least as well as if everyone were in person. Without achieving this standard, hybrid work is untenable.

Of course, having the technical capability for video conferencing is not enough. When used effectively, video calls bridge physical distance while retaining personal aspects of communication. But technology and its misuse can get in the way. In fact, the most common frustration of white-collar workers working remotely have been related to collaboration and how they contribute in meetings.

How can your organization get it right? Here are five tips for using video to improve hybrid work:

  1. Embed video in all you do. Incorporating video into your workplace culture will help break down any negative attitudes toward hybrid work. Be ready to run in-person huddles and conference room meetings with video so anyone working remotely can still contribute meaningfully. Excluding colleagues—even inadvertently—who are not in the office will reduce collaboration. And while you’re at it, why not use video for virtual happy hours, colleague coffee dates, weekly show-and-tell sessions?
  2. Communicate expectations and coach. Most of us are not accustomed to being on camera; video can make people feel awkward. It takes some practice, and employees require clear standards of how to appear and sound on video, and decorum for meeting interaction….

Source: The Staffing Stream

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