How to Train Remote Employees

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We’ve all been bombarded with the news that more people than ever began working from home due to the global pandemic. Even now as the pandemic is starting to recede, more and more employees are hoping they can continue working from home, even if only part time.

This means employers will need to continue offering remote work options to attract and retain employees, which means they will need to take steps to ensure productivity for their remote teams. Let’s look at some tips for training remote employees and ensuring they’re kept up to date on all processes.

Tips for Training Remote Employees

Here are some ideas for training remote employees:

  • Start by training the people who have access to the training plans for the whole organization. Work with those in charge of learning and employee development to ensure all types of employee training are accessible for remote employees or that steps are taken to ensure remote employees are included.
  • Work with the IT department to ensure remote employees have access to all of the information other employees have. They shouldn’t have barriers to accessing training, procedure manuals, the help desk, etc.
  • Ensure remote employees have the technology they need to participate in training. This may mean they need assistance with getting faster Internet to be able to participate in webinars or better software or hardware to be able to access materials efficiently, for example.
  • Test the training access with a variety of devices, and confirm that those accessing it from a virtual private network (VPN)-connected device won’t have issues….

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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