A recruiter’s guide to video interviews

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As the battle for acquiring top tech talent continues, recruiters are leveraging all resources to ensure that they get the best candidates on board. Among the most powerful tools for recruiting talent is video interviews because of their ability to save time and money, remove geographical barriers, automate candidate screening, and more. LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Trends Report had surveyed and interviewed over 9,000 recruiters and hiring managers across the globe. When asked about the trends that are expected to shape the future, they spoke about the rise of video interviewing.

What is a video interview? 

Simply put, a video interview is a job interview that uses video technology as a communication medium and takes place remotely. Video interviews are used at many stages of the hiring process, enabling recruiters to screen candidates effectively and quickly. There are two types of video interviews: 

  • Online video interviews: Here, a recruiter connects with a candidate face-to-face via webcam. Live video interviews take place in real-time. 
  • Pre-recorded video interviews: Here, interviews are recorded by candidates at a time convenient to them. Typically, interview questions are displayed on the video interview platform and the candidate answers them. Recruiters and hiring managers are not present during a pre-recorded video interview.

Why do companies use video interviews?

Video interviews help recruiters and hiring managers to identify the talent from a pool of candidates for open positions. These are an excellent tool for empowering candidates to convey their unique qualifications via videos. Here are a few reasons why video interviews have gained tremendous popularity over the years:

  • Improved candidate experience: When recruiters use videos for interviewing, candidates do not need to take time off and travel long distances to make it to the interview. This ultimately gives rise to positive candidate experience. Additionally, using a fully branded interview, including pre-recorded questions and video instructions, and timely and constructive feedback, enables candidates to see your business in a good light. Also, candidates have the flexibility to complete the interview at their convenience, independently. Those who may be worried about taking some time off from their current employer can complete the interview process after work hours, without time-consuming scheduling logistics.
  • Reduced time to hire:  By adopting video interviews in the screening process, recruiters can assess the skills of candidates within minutes of their application, in turn allowing them to identify the best candidates faster. Also, the quality of hires improves as recruiters can judge the skills of candidates in real-time and make a more rounded judgment. 
  • Reduced costs and easy scheduling: Interviewing candidates is expensive and time-consuming. Scheduling interviews can turn into an enormous task as recruiters have to follow up with candidates via email or phone calls for days, or even weeks, as they try to find a time that’s convenient for all participants. This is where pre-recorded video interviews come into play. They can provide recruiters with all the necessary insights. Also, they enable candidates to answer interview questions comfortably, in their own time. This way, candidates do not need to meet recruiters face-to-face on the first round, in turn reducing costs and eliminating scheduling issues.
  • Prevent delays in the hiring pipeline: Video interviews reduce the impact of unexpected events by giving recruiters and hiring managers the ability to interview candidates from any location. This, in turn, leads to the continuous advancement of the hiring pipeline and engagement of candidates.
  • Present qualifications virtually: Sometimes, a candidate’s personality doesn’t convert well over a telephonic round. Video interviewing is a great opportunity for candidates to present their personality and convey unique attributes by getting in front of a recruiter virtually.

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