Spring Clean Your Business: 5 Ways to Refresh and Reenergize Your Company This Season

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Spring is here. The weather is warming up. For many, that means it’s time to clean house, get rid of the clutter, and make room for what’s to come. Carrying that spring cleaning ritual into your business is also a good idea for many reasons.

And I don’t just mean tidying up the office. For a business, spring cleaning can go a lot deeper. Here are five ways to give your business the spring cleaning it needs:

1. Review Your Clients

Without clients, a business would not survive. But are all the responsibilities of running a business distracting you from really nurturing and taking care of your clients as best you can? Many companies acquire clients and then cruise along on autopilot. Don’t fall into that trap.

Spring is a great time to touch base with your clients, past, present, and potential. Check in with your current clients to make sure everything is going well. Reach out to previous clients to see if they need your services again. Make a list of potential clients and try to secure some new business. You don’t need a specific reason to reach out to people; just stopping in to see how they’re doing can work really well.

2. Set Some New Goals

Springtime is about getting rid of the old, but it’s also a great time to think about what’s yet to come. Every business needs a clear vision of where it wants to be next month, in six months, next year, and even five years from now.

Set some new goals for your business. What do you ultimately want to accomplish? What kind of projects do you want to take on? Are there any industry awards you want to go after? Are there things you can do to streamline your processes? How can you create residual income streams? Once you have your goals in place, the next thing to do is create the plan to turn those goals into a reality.

3. Clean Out the Clutter

It wouldn’t be spring cleaning without getting rid of the clutter. Most businesses unnecessarily hold on to old files for years. To be true to spring cleaning traditions, it’s time to end this behavior once and for all. Set a time limit: At a certain point after a project’s completion — maybe five years later or so — trash any files related to the project. If you absolutely need them, see if you can store old files in the cloud, where they’re not cluttering up physical desks or computer desktops. Not only is this good business practice, but it’s a motivation tool that helps free up room for new accounts and projects. When you see all the free space, you’ll start thinking harder about bringing in new accounts.

4. Clean Up Your Expenses

The main goal behind any business is to make money. Most business owners spend money on unnecessary software, programs, services, and other items they rarely or never use. Spring is a great time to clean all this up and put some money back into your pocket….

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