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The Two Most Important Reasons Your HR Team Needs A Chatbot

Are you looking to get an HR chatbot to help with your recruiting efforts?  The overall chatbot market is going to be worth $3.7 Billion by 2021, and nearly half of the Fortune 500 are considering buying a chatbot for their HR function. The conversational driven marketing approach that has worked for so many corporate marketing

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Stoking Candidate Interest: An Often-Overlooked Aspect of Recruiting

Most information regarding the difficulties of recruitment nowadays seem to focus solely on trends and the challenges of tech and sourcing but not what could primarily be considered the most important aspect of recruiting; candidate interest.  Ask any in-house HR professional and they will say capturing and piquing a potentially strong candidate’s interest is key

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How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace, Part 2: Prioritizing Tasks

In my previous article, I covered how business leaders use project-based work to boost agility and foster innovation in their organizations. Today, we’re going to look at another approach companies commonly use to improve productivity: breaking down roles into activities and prioritizing those tasks. According to Origin: – Daily Articles and News