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Will Northrop Grumman Freeze Its Pension?

Corporations in almost every industry are in the process of trying to cut costs to help deal with the economic downturn brought on by the Coronavirus.  The pandemic has taken a toll on the entire economy and companies need to take drastic measures in order to stay afloat. AT&T, for example, has expressed a goal

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Will Northrop Grumman Pause its 401(k) Matching Program?

We’ve seen over and over again in times of recession corporations will decrease or suspend benefits. According to CNBC, 95% of companies offer a company match or some alternate contribution program. However in that same article they stated, “Don’t be surprised if your employer pauses its contributions to your 401(k) plan during the U.S. economic

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Top 10 Articles Read by NGC Employees

1. Life After NGC: Surviving a Bear Market in Retirement Anyone retiring right now, has the unfortunate luck of finding themselves caught in a bear market. Many of my Northrop Grumman clients have been reaching out to me, as they’re concerned about losing their nest egg if the market doesn’t turn around. Read more here…

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Read the TRG Retirement Guide for NGC Employees

As a recruiter it is my job to put my clients in the best position possible for them to succeed. Most of the time this simply means finding a company with an employment opportunity that fits their needs. However, my clients often ask me about other factors, like their 401(k), pension plan, benefits package and

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NGC: Social Security and Medicare

As a recruiter it’s common place for my clients to ask me about their Social Security and Medicare benefits. I recognized a noticeable spike in these types of questions ever since the Coronavirus has taken over the news. Many of the people asking about these benefits happened to be my Northrop Grumman clients, so I

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