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Will Occidental Petroleum End 401(k) Matching?

Occidental Petroleum was cutting costs even before the pandemic hit. According to CNBC, Occidental announced in January they would be cutting jobs in order to reduce costs after spending $38 billion to acquire Anadarko Petroleum. When the Coronavirus came it took a toll on the entire economy, but it came down on the oil &

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Will Occidental Petroleum Freeze its Pension?

Occidental Petroleum, along with most other oil companies, is in the process of trying to cut costs to help deal with the economic downturn brought on by the Coronavirus.  The pandemic hurt the entire economy, but it came down on the oil & gas industry especially hard. Some companies like Chevron have chosen to conduct

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Top 10 Articles read by Occidental Employees

1. Life After OXY: Surviving a Bear Market in Retirement Working hard and saving is only half the battle when it comes to making sure you’re taken care of in retirement. Much of it comes down to having a sound investment strategy and being able to adjust that strategy based on the market. Read more

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Check Your OXY Benefits BEFORE Checking out a New Job

As a recruiter, clients ask me, yes a recruiter, about what they should know about their benefits. With everything going on in the market and the current health crisis those questions have become more and more frequent. Before jumping ship on OXY reconsider AFTER reading about your benefits. OXY Benefits Annual Enrollment As stated in

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7 Items to Consider Before Leaving OXY

Losing your job is a grandiose moment. Your mind is racing and you simply just don’t know how to operate. Loss of a job, especially for those with over 20 years of service,  affects the same receptors in the brain as loss of a loved one. The same  five stages of grief apply for the employee going through

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