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5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Employer Branding For 2019

I’m sure by now if you are working in recruitment you have heard of the term ’employer branding’. But what exactly does it mean? For many people, it means various things, but to simplify it, it is how your company promotes itself in a unique way to attract talent. This may be through storytelling, visual

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#Recruiting Idea # 9 Use the New Model of Employment

Companies today adhere to a decades-old recruitment process originally designed for in-person paper applications — a pre-Internet, one-company-for-life era that has quickly passed us by. The Internet increased our visibility of choice and ease of application, which – coupled with… Source: ERE Media

HRidea #7 Can you say R E S P E C T

We're often told leaders need to give respect in order to get it, but leaders aren't the only ones who should be concerned with respect in the workplace. Those who want to be part of high-performance organizations also need to put respect front and center. But what does respect have to do with high performance? In a recent piece …

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Why You Need a Better Candidate Sourcing Platform

Anyone who has been in the industry longer than five minutes will tell you that sourcing is not only one of the most important aspects of recruitment but also one of the most time-consuming. From trawling LinkedIn to keeping on top of all those resumes in your inbox, it’s little wonder… Via: Everyone’s Blog Posts

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