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Chevron? What Oil & Gas Companies Do to Save Their Dividends

Ever since the Coronavirus crisis took its toll on the Oil & Gas industry, Fortune 500 companies have been scrambling to protect their dividends and keep their shareholders happy. The results have been generally negative for workers at those companies. ExxonMobil has been in the news a lot recently for taking on cost cutting measures

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Will Oil & Gas Companies Freeze Their Pension Plans?

Companies in the Oil & Gas Industry are in the process of trying to cut costs to help deal with the economic downturn brought on by the Coronavirus.  The pandemic hurt the entire economy, but it came down on the oil & gas industry especially hard. Some companies like Chevron have chosen to conduct layoffs

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Before you leave Shell Oil and Hire a Recruiter Calculate your Shell Pension

As a recruiter I always advise my clients to make the most informed decisions possible. You want to have as much information as you can before making any major changes in your life. Whether you are leaving Shell by choice or otherwise, it is important to calculate your pension before you you depart from the

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